Ed Mulligan, PT, MS, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC, LAT

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2007-08 Regis University – Denver, CO
DPT, Physical Therapy
1993-95 Texas Woman’s University – Dallas, TX
M.S., Physical Therapy Administration
Thesis: The Reliability of Angular vs. LinearMeasures of Knee Joint Position
1980-82 University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston, TX
B.S., Physical Therapy
Graduate with highest honors
1976-80 University of Nebraska – Lincoln
B.S.Ed, Biology
1975-76 Nebraska Wesleyan University
Present Employment
UTSouthwestern Medical Center: Department ofPhysical Therapy – Dallas, TX
2000-present Professor; Orthopedic PT Residency ProgramDirector
Secondary Appointment: Department of OrthopedicSurgery
Previous Employment
1995- 2007 HEALTHSOUTH
 2004-2007 Vice President, Clinical Education
 1996-2003 AVP,NationalDirector of Clinical Education
 1996-97 RegionalClinical Coordinator
 1995-96 Administrator
1994-99 TexasWomen’s University: Department of PhysicalTherapy – Dallas, TX
Adjunct Faculty; Clinical Instructor
1991-95 AffiliatedRehabilitation – DFW Physical ExcellenceCenter – GrapevineTX
Vice President of TexasOperations and Clinical Education
1989-91 HealthSouthSports Medicine & Rehab Center– Ft Worth TX
Clinical Coordinator
1985-88 AssociatedOrthopedics & Sports Medicine – Plano, TX
1982-84 PhysicalTherapy & Sports Rehabilitation Center -Wichita FallsTX
Director of Sports Physical Therapy
Relevant Experience
1994- present CourseCoordinator in Entry Level Doctoral Degree Program:
UTSW PT 5330: Musculoskeletal Evaluation PatientManagement
UTSW PT 5216: Professional Practice Management
UTSW PT 5317: Sports Physical Therapy
Course Contributor:
Health Care Research, Therapeutic Interventions,Clinical Kinesiology, Critical Inquiry, and Medical Management
Course Coordinator in Entry Level Master’s Degree Program:
UTSW PT 5231: Musculoskeletal Management andEvaluation
TWU PT 5123: Therapeutic Activities II: ExtremityEvaluation and Mobilization
TWU PT 5911: Special Topics in Sports PhysicalTherapy
1990-91 Teaching in Undergraduate Curriculum:
Texas Wesleyan University
Adjunct Instructor and Course Coordinator
PE 321: Introduction and Advanced Athletic Training
1988-2015 Clinical Orthopedic Residency Series – 2010-2015
Orthopedic Rehabilitation of the Shoulder -1992-2015
Orthopedic Rehabilitation of the Knee – 1992-2015
Orthopedic Rehabilitation of the Foot-Ankle -1992-2015
Texas Physical Therapy Association Annual Meeting- 1997, 2001, 2008, 2011-15
APTA National Student Conclave – 2006
APTA Combined Sections Meeting – 1994, 1996, 1998, 2012-15
APTA Sports Physical Therapy Team Concept Meeting- 1995
Texas Clinical Orthopedic & Sports MedicineSymposium Course Chairman – 1992-94
National Athletic Trainer’s Association Meeting -1991
Southwest Athletic Trainer’s Association Meeting -1988, 1993, 1994, 1996, 2000-02
East Texas Sports Medicine Seminar – 1993-98,2000-01
Continuing Education Series – “Closing theGap: Clinical Biomechanics of the LowerQuarter” – 1991
1993-2006 Videoand Internet Based Education Programs:
WebEx on-line interactive educationinservices series, journal clubs, and study groups- 2002-03
RTN (Rehab Training Network): ConservativeManagement of Patellofemoral Dysfunction – 1998
AREN (American Rehabilitation EducationNetwork) Video Series:
Principles of Extremity Mobilization: Part 1- 1994
Mobilization Techniques: Part 2 – 1994
Modified Knee Rehabilitation – 1994
Modified Shoulder Rehabilitation – 1994
ARI (Affiliated Rehab, Inc)
Clinical Technical Consultant on back school videoeducational series – 1993
1980-1997 AthleticTraining Services:
World League of American Football
Consultant -1991-92
Contract Coverage at Boyd HS (1995-97),Texas Wesleyan University (1989-92), CastleberryHS (1990-92), Ft. Worth Christian HS (1989-90),Greenhill Academy (1987-88), and Plano Senior HS(1985-86)
USOC Training Center – Colorado Springs, CO- volunteer athletic trainer – 1984
Wichita Falls Independent School DistrictHead Athletic Trainer – 1982-84
Midwestern State University ContractAthletic Trainer – 1982-84
Kansas City Chiefs Football Club summerathletic trainer intern – 1980
University of Nebraska student athletictrainer – 1976-80
2017 American Physical Therapy Association Sports Physical Therapy Section’s Lifetime Excellence in Education Award
2017 Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society Achievement Award for Physical Therapy
2016 UT Southwestern Medical Center School of Health Professions Outstanding Faculty Award
2015 UT Southwestern Medical Center Piper Professor Award Nominee
2013 The University of Texas Systems Regents OutstandingTeaching Award
2013 Inductedinto Southwestern Academy of Teachers (SWAT) Cadreof Experts
2011 TPTAAward for Best Poster Presentation at 2010 AnnualConference
2009 AmericanBoard of Physical Therapy Specialties ClinicalSpecialist Designation in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
2009 UTSouthwestern Medical Center: School of HealthProfession’s Instructor of the Year
1995 TexasWoman’s University Academic Leadership AchievementAward
1994 TexasConsortium for Physical Therapy OutstandingClinical Educator Award
1994 APTASports Physical Therapy Section OutstandingService Award
1993 SouthwestAthletic Trainer’s Association Sam Ketchum Awardfor Best Presentation at Annual Meeting
1991 HEALTHSOUTHCorporation’s National Special Achievement Award
1988 AmericanBoard of Physical Therapy Specialties ClinicalSpecialist Designation in Sports Physical Therapy
Research and Publications
2017 Sleep quality at various stages of adhesive capsulitis. In review at OJSM
2017 Imaging of the upper extremity for common athletic injuries. In review at Phys Therapy Sport
2017 The diagnostic accuracy of the lever sign test for detecting anterior cruciate ligament injury in Int J Sports Phys Ther
2017 Sports physical therapy curricula in physical therapist professional degree programs in Int J Sports Phys Ther
2017 Retrospective review of resubluxation of fixation and resubluxation of LisFranc fracture dislocations treated with open reduction internal fixation. In review at Foot Ankle International.
2017 Do MRI Characteristics of Full-thickness Rotator Cuff Tears Correlate with Sleep Disturbance? accepted for publication at J Amer Acad Orth Surg
2016 Diagnostic accuracy of the scapular retraction maneuver in assessing the status of the rotator cuff  – TPAT annual conference poster
2016 The Effect of Ordering and Timing of Scapular Stabilization and Rotator Cuff Exercise in Neer Stage I and II Subacromial Impingement Syndrome: A Randomized Crossover Trial. Int J Sports Phys Ther
2016 Sleepless Shoulder Science – presented at TPTA Annual Conference
2015 Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome – presented at TPTA Annual Conference
2015 Reliability and Diagnostic Accuracy of Assessing the Translation Endpoint during the Lachman Test
2014 Sleep Quality in Patients with Rotator Cuff Pathology

Hip Stiffness Patterns in Lumbar Flexion or Extension‐BasedMovement Syndromes. Research – accepted forpublication by Arhcives of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation


Descriptionof Specialty Practice. American Physical TherapyAssociation’s Board of Physical TherapySpecialties., 4th ed., 2013 and Published inInternational Journal of Sports Physical Therapy


Structuralintegrity after rotator cuff repair does notcorrelate with patient function and pain: asystematic review and meta‐analysis. JBone Joint Surg. acceptedfor publication June 25, 2013.


TheReliability of Clinical Assessment of Humeral HeadPosition in Asymptomatic Shoulders. Researchposter presentation at Texas Physical TherapyAssociation Annual Conference – Arlington, TX

2013 ScapularDyskinesis Classification Reliability. Researchposter presented at exas Physical TherapyAssociation Annual Conference – Arlington,TX
2013 Impact of plantarintrinsic muscle training on navicular drop inrelaxed stance. Research poster Presentation at APTACombined Sections Meeting – San Diego, CA
2013 Effectof Plantar Intrinsic Muscle Training on MedialLongitudinal Arch Morphology and Dynamic Function.Man Ther.2013 Oct;18(5):425-30.
2012 Common fibular (peroneal)nerve palsy as the result of proximal tibiofibularganglion cyst. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.2012 Dec 42(12):1051
2012 Prognosticfactors that influence rehabilitation successfollowing rotator cuff repair surgery. Phys Sports Med. 2012 Nov, 40(4):102-14.
2012 Interactive JournalClub Experience: A report of the clinical value ofimmediate replication of study methods andfindings related to unilateral step-downperformance. Poster presentation at TPTA annualconference – San Antonio, TX
2012 Identificationof retearing of the rotator cuff following repair:MRI interobserver and intraobserver agreement. AmJ Sports Med. 2012 Aug;40(8):1722-1727.
2012 Shoulder Radiologyfor the Physical Therapist. Independent studypublished by the Sports Physical Therapy Sectionof the American Physical Therapy Association
2012 Reliability andDiagnostic Accuracy of the Lachman Test inIndividuals with Large Thighs. Poster Presentationat APTA Combined Sections Meeting – Chicago, IL
2011 Reliability andDiagnostic Accuracy of the Lachman Test Performedin a Prone Position. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.2011. 41(10)749-57.
2011 Evaluation andManagement of Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries. PhysTher Sport. 2011. 12(2); 60-73.

AthleticRehabilitation of the Leg, Foot, and Ankle.Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete. ed:HarrelsonG, Andrews J, Williams/Wilkins, 1991 1st ed; 19972nd ed; 2002 3rd ed., 2011 4th ed inpress


TheEffect of Scapular Repositioning or Stabilizationon Glenohumeral External Rotation Strength inSubjects With and Without Shoulder Pain. PosterPresentation at TPTA Annual Conference

2009 CompetencyRevalidation Study of Specialty Practice in SportsPhysical Therapy. N Amer J Sports Med. 20094(3):111-122

Surveyof Current Trends in ACL RehabilitationParameters; unpublished thesis


Correlationof Functional Reach Tests with GoniometricAssessment of GlenohumeralRangeof Motion; unpublishedthesis


TheReliability of the KFC3 Linear Measurement Devicein the Detection of Unilateral Knee FlexionContractures. Unpublished Thesis.


TheReliability and Interchangeability of the HeelHeight Difference Measurement Technique to DetectUnilateral Flexion Contractures; Master’sThesis

1993 ClinicalDocumentation for the Physical Therapist, 1st ed
1992 Manualof Home Exercise Programs for the RehabilitationProfessional, 1st ed; 2nd ed – 1995
1989 AchillesTendonitis. Sportsmedicine Update 4:4
1989 EtiologicalConsiderations in the Evaluation of PatellofemoralDysfunction. Sportsmedicine Update4:2
1988 ConservativeManagement of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.Journal of NATA 23:348-353
2014- Board Member – American Board of Physical Therapy Residency/Fellowship Education
2013-14 Chair,Credentialing Committee – American Board ofPhysical Therapy Residency/Fellowship Education
2010- SiteReviewer, American Board of Physical TherapyResidency/Fellowship Education
2009- Reviewer- Physical Therapy in Sport; Manual Therapy,Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
2000- Reviewer– National Athletic Trainer’s AssociationBoard of Certification Home Study Programs
2001-2011 Chair,Sports Special Council and Committee of ContentExperts/Sports Specialty Council – American Board of PhysicalTherapy Specialties
1999- Reviewer– TexasPhysical Therapy Association Continuing EducationCredit Applications
1998-2000 Reviewer– The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports PhysicalTherapy
1996-98 NorthTexas Physical Therapy District. Vice Chairman
1994-98 TPTA/SWATAPhysical Therapist-Athletic Trainer Task Force
1984-98 APTASports Physical Therapy Section. National Placement Chairman
Professional Memberships and Affiliations
TexasStatePhysical Therapy Association.  TexasLicensed
NationalAthletic Trainer’s Association. Certified 1980.
SouthwestAthletic Trainer’s Association.Licensed 1982.
AmericanPhysical Therapy Association (APTA)
APTASports Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Sections