handwristEvaluation and Management of Wrist and Hand Injuries

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Read the course description and objectives.  Download and/or print a handout to read the content.  There is also an audiovisual recording link of the recorded lecture that you can view if you choose. If CEU credit is desired, print out the payment form that contains a post-test, answer sheet, and course evaluation.    Complete this information and fax, email, or mail for grading and processing a contact hour certificate.  Email to edmulliganpt@gmail.com or mail to 1901 Pintail Parkway; Euless, TX  76039.   Participants who score 70% or above will be provided a CEU certificate for 3 contact hours within five  business days.  Date of completion (for licensing purposes) will be the day of receipt, however, priority processing is available upon verbal request.  This program is approved by the TPTA to meet the requirements towards Texas relicensure.

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Evaluation and Treatment of Wrist and Hand Injuries HANDOUT

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Part 1: http://mci.webex.com/mci/playback.php?FileName=http%3A//www.continuing-ed.cc/hshandwrist/recordingfiles/Part 106.wrf&Rnd=0.18095819593928203
Part 2: http://mci.webex.com/mci/playback.php?FileName=http%3A//www.continuing-ed.cc/hshandwrist/recordingfiles/Part 206.wrf&Rnd=0.6068769395329823
Part 3: http://mci.webex.com/mci/playback.php?FileName=http%3A//www.continuing-ed.cc/hshandwrist/recordingfiles/Part 306.wrf&Rnd=0.8064297850801437
Part 4: http://mci.webex.com/mci/playback.php?FileName=http%3A//www.continuing-ed.cc/hshandwrist/recordingfiles/Part 406.wrf&Rnd=0.443282722821762
Part 5: http://mci.webex.com/mci/playback.php?FileName=http%3A//www.continuing-ed.cc/hshandwrist/recordingfiles/Part 506.wrf&Rnd=0.6590527624846392
Part 6: http://mci.webex.com/mci/playback.php?FileName=http%3A//www.continuing-ed.cc/hshandwrist/recordingfiles/Part 606.wrf&Rnd=0.16141779538962692

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